Airbag Reset Tool

Airbag light on, turn off airbag light with airbag reset tool

A number of drivers tend to ask  "My Airbag Light Stays On. Is It Safe To Drive This Way?", some drivers think not safe and even break the law, say "Driving a car that has airbags with the airbag fuse removed (disabling the air bag) is illegal in most countries";  also some drivers think it safe. Why airbag light on and what we should do? The SRS airbag light on because the BCM detects a fault in the SRS system and the air bag light is on the system is not working and will not deploy in the event of an accident, If the airbag has been deployed then you obviously need to replace the airbag and possibly the SRS module, or you should have it reset by a airbag reset tool.

Supplying airbag reset tools for obdii and canbus compliant cars, these cars work with Honda, Mercedes Benz,BMW, Opel, vw, Audi and more cars made. SRS reset tools support display all SRS fault codes and reset the "SRS" light. No need pc to connect, only need a interface to plug into the car's socket.

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