2021 Hot Sale Auto Repair Software ElsaWin 6.0 Latest 80gb Hdd Hard Disk USB 3.0 Newest V-W 5.3 For Audi Elsa Win 6.0

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ELSAWin. with Virtual system
support Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Support languages German

support English, French, Italian, Spanish but not 100% translate, will have some cars information is German languages , if you mind that, don't buy it .
The software after sold , do not support return !
Any questions just feel free contact us , whatsapp/skype:+8615889630175
ELSAWinworks under anyone WINDOWS NT (SP6a), WINDOWS 2000 SP2 orWindowsXP.The program is completely established on a hard disk (full installation A,,udi + V,,W +Nutzfahrzeuge with all accessible languages borrows more than 15 Gb).
elsawin 6.0 for vw  5.3 for audinewest version in 80gb hdd
The program ELSA  contains the detailed description of technology of repair, electric schemes, bodyworks, the catalogue of spare parts for guarantee replacement. On "old" models of the information it is not enough.
If during installation of disks Audi and VW the some people CD will not be requested - be notfrightened, on missed CDs there is an information on others (Danish, Polish and otherslanguages.....
If you will mark all languages - that the program ELSAWin 4.0 will request ALL CDs.

Very important:


Before you install software, please turn


off Anti-Virus Software!!!

other catalogues:
1. Before the beginning install on Windows NT - necessarily establish all programs from disk UTILS(Adobe Acrobat 5.5, IE 6.0, ISOView, MSXML Persen 2.0, MDAC 2.5sp1)At installation on WinXP - anything to establish it is not necessary.
2. At input of "old" serial number, the program is established in demo a mode.
3. If at installation of the program the code is not entered, the program works demo a mode - 30days.
4. If have problems with view Wiring Diagrams - install Adobe SVGVView

Software in 80gb HDD


HDD picture: USB3.0 run fast




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