2022 Android APP Carly for BMW V48.04 Come with K+CAN DCAN Diagnose Programming Cable with OTG Cable

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for Android System Carly for BMW  come with K+CAN DCAN Diagnose Programming Cable with OTG Cable
carly app can support all b-m-w models, but if you use K+CAN cable to work with it, only support b-m-w E serials model (because K+CAN cable only support E serial).
K+CAN cable not support b.m.w F serial, only for E serial, if your b.m.w car is not e serial, you need carly original adapter, don't buy K+CAN cable. some cars can do coding, but some can't do.
carly app will not send cd, i will send you link to download.
Carly for BMW is the most powerful software for mobile devices, which is capable of working with B.M.W cars from 1994 onwards
1. DIAGNOSTICS: Perform a complete check of electronic systems of your vehicle
2. CDG: Get access to hidden features of your B/M/W!
3. FEATURES: analyze the parameters of your engine as a true professional!
4. SIGN UP BATTERY: change and record your vehicle's battery yourself!
5. Service reset: be independent of your stations!
6. Particulate filter: Turn on the regeneration of the particulate filter with one click!
These models support the use of diagnostic mapping and coding parameters. To check the compatibility of other functions use the Lite version.
● 1er: E81, E87
● 1er Convertible: E88
● 1er Coupe: E82
● 3er: E90, E46, E36
● 3er Touring: E91
● 3er Coupe: E92
● 3er Convertible: E93
● 5er: E60, E39
● 5er Touring: E61
● 6er: E63
● 6er Convertible: E64
● 7er: E65, E66, E38
● X5: E70
● X6: E71, E72
● MINI R56, R60
Notice:if your car is E46,E39, you need to connect pin7 and pin8 together of your obd2 diagnostic cable.(if the cable you buy from my store, you just open K+CAN cable switch,pin7 and pin8 will connect.)
Installation Instructions
1. Download and unzip the file.
2. Install the carly app (only for android system , can't support other system).
4. Connect OTG adapter and K+CAN cable to your b-m-w car, then run carly app, it can work now.
How to use carly software to work your car:
1.first of all, make sure your smart phone or andriod pad support OTG, if not, can't use k+can cable. you cansearch google "how to open otg".(if you want to open OTG function, you must root your smart phone first, how to do you can search from google, it is a complex process, i can't tell you here.if your smart phone can't be rooted, it is not my software and cable's problem, we don't accept any refund, so please make sure you can root befor you buy.)
2. andriod smart device USB port is Type C and miro usb, check your usb port, choose the right usb cable, connect K+CAN cable to your andriod phone and your car, run carly software, then you can enjoy it.
Every model car is up to a different year.
compare type c and micro usb interface:
K+CAN cable can worth with carly software:

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