2022 Universal Allison Doc Full Version v2021.4 + Gen 5 Data Files With Programming Allison Transmission Diagnostic Software

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New for Version 2021.4 for Dec 2021
1 ) Added support for 6th gen TCMs
2 ) Expands 'J1939 Data' selection for 4th gen and later TCM connections

Please view the Allison DOC(r) User Guides, accessible through the Help menu, 
for more information.

Allison TCMs Supported
1 ) 1K/2K and 3K/4K 6th Generation Controls.
2 ) 1K/2K, 3K/4K, and TC10 5th Generation Controls.
3 ) 1K/2K and 3K/4K 4th Generation Controls.
4 ) CEC5 (Off-Highway) 5th Generation Controls.
5 ) CEC3 (Off-Highway) 4th Generation Controls.
6 ) CEC2 Electronic Control Unit (ECU) data.*
7 ) CEC (On-highway and Off-highway) Electronic Control Unit (ECU) data.*
8 ) World Transmission Electronic Control (WTEC) II/III Electronic
    Control Unit (ECU) data.
9 ) 1000/2000/2400 Series Transmission Control Module (TCM) data.
10) H 40/50 EP Electronic Control Unit (ECU) data.*
*   Not available with Fleet level licenses

Allison DOC(r) Features
1) TAC Data Collection capability for WTEC III ECUs
2) Display of multiple transmission parameters and Diagnostic Trouble Codes.
3) Display of Failure Records.
4) A graphic display of limited data using analog and digital gauges.*
5) Reprogramming of ECU or TCM settings**
6) Ability to activate/reset tests and tranmission capabilities (clutch test,
   solenoid test, adaptive shifts, throttle calibration, etc.)*
7) Recording of vehicle data bus information into snapshot sessions.
8) Display of vehicle data bus traffic.*
9) E-mailing of snapshots along with optional comments.
10) Ability to Export snapshots to a comma-delimited file (4th Gen or greater Controls only).
11) Ability to create/display/print diagnostic reports.
12) Access to transmission Troubleshooting Manuals, including context-sensitive links.
13) Integrated help with video-based training materials.
14) The ability to launch TCM Reflash when installed.
15) Automated application updates.
16) Access to Service Information Letters via the Allison Transmission web site.
17) Ability to monitor TRANSHEALTH(TM) status and to generate and display
    TRANSHEALTH(TM) reports*, **
18) Display of vehicle prognostics information, when supported by a 4th Generation or greater TCM.
19) Language support for English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, German, 
    Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, French Canadian, Italian, Polish, Thai, 
    Turkish, and Arabic.
20) Reads engine faults.
21) Displays engine data when selected and if connected to a 4th generation or greater control.
22) Interactive FuelSense?dialog that displays an easy to use interface to customize 
    fuel economy/performance settings; certain limitations apply.
*   Not available with Fleet Level Licenses
**  Advanced Feature, E-Learn ID or Proof of Additional Training Required


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