2024 Cummins Calterm v5.14 Engineering KeyGen Locked Calterm V5.14.0.045

  • $99.00

Product activation for a single PC.

KeyGen Locked: Keygen with ONE PC LOCKED but to use it can make license for many PCs.

A new version of CaltermV5.14.0.045 has been released. This release includes the following features and bug fixes.

Following are the release contents for CaltermV5.14.0.045:

§    New product support

§    New Features and Improvements:
•    EPK check for CSAR
•    SPEED NextGen Support
•    XCP Authentication
•    eFPA file extraction for CoreII 
•    Inhibit Downgrade Feature - Pretool check for Core II
•    Routines support for CSAR
•    Enumeration Parameter Datatype Change in Calterm
•    Detect and connect to the devices with Stellantis address 0x10
•    Improved PDL errors
•    PHY_UNIT support

§    Critical Issues/Defects:
•    Calterm 5.11 Crashing for AhccExhPrMfm.CaExhPrMfmVect
•    Calterm crashes when copying the AhccExhPrMfm.CaExhPrMfmVect values from Excel
•    Calterm crash when open and close CORE2 files for multiple times
•    Calterm throwing error when copying the table parameters values from Excel
•    Table cells are not highlighting correctly after virtualization is enabled
•    CSAR user reported any issue in copying the table parameter break points 
•    XCP on CAN connection failed on v5., same setup working with v5.12.0.066 
•    Calterm - Datalink options missing for smart device reflash
•    Calterm does start monitoring the parameters and faults after performing the toggle security in Calterm5.12
•    Calterm not able to export unit information of tables for CDFX file
•    The toggle security key is not working Calterm5.12.0 and 5.13 protected Calterm version
•    Calterm 5.8 stops monitoring parameters in screenfile and ASAM when performing overnight testing on 2450A
•    CSAR lookup parameters are unable to show correct values when converted in hex
•    Calterm 5.13 easy to stuck with Create screen file function
•    Overlay fails with XML file in core2 with Calterm5.13.1 version
•    Overlay failed on Calterm5.13.1 when performing xml to xcal overlay for CAGT_Block_Fault_Codes, CAGT_Block_Fault_CodesCFTR_Block_Lamp_Fault_Codes
§    Note:
•    License Configuration Tool and Update Manager will be installed as pre-requisites for Calterm.

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