Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS Auto TPMS Relearn Tool Universal Tire Sensor Activation Pressure Monitor Reset Scanner

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Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS Auto TPMS Relearn Tool

Free Update Online for One Year, after one year, it will cost 300usd per year.

Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS Description:

Together with the ability to quickly read and clear DTCs for all available modules of the majority of the makes and models on the market, MaxiCOM MK808TS provides you with superior special functions, including Oil Reset, EPB (Electronic Parking Brake), SAS (Steering Angle Sensor), BMS (Battery Management System), DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and IMMO. In addition to OBD II diagnostics and special service, MK808TS enables you to carry out complete TPMS functions, including TPMS health check, sensor activation & programming and TPMS relearn. 

Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS Function List:

Complete TPMS Functions:

Advanced TPMS diagnostics for complete TPMS health check 
Activate 98% of all known TPMS sensors 
Program AUTEL MX-Sensors 
Comprehensive OBD relearn coverage 
Onscreen relearn procedure 

Basic Diagnostic Functions for All Systems:
Read/clear codes for all available systems. 
Display live data in text, graph ,analog for easy data review
ECU information

OBD Diagnostic Functions:
Read/erase codes
View live data
View freeze data
View I/M readiness status
View vehicle information
O2 monitor test
ON-board monitor test
Component test
Modules present
DTCs help

Service Functions:
Oil service reset
Parking brake pad after replacement
Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) 
Battery registration and reset
Diesel particulate filter regeneration
IMMO functions

Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS Functional Descriptions:

autel mk808ts functional description
1.7.0" LCD Capacitver Touchscreen
2.Ambient Light Sensor-detects ambient brightness
3.Power LED-indicates battery level & charging or system status.
4.TPMS Service Sympbol-indicates the position of the embedded TPMS antenna.
Autel MK808TS Functional Description-2
5.Collapsible Stand-extends from the back to allow hands-free viewing of the Display Tablet
6.Heat Sink
7. MaxiVCI Mini Holder
8.Built-in Battery
Autel MK808TS Functional Descriptions-3
9.Mini USB OTG Port
10.Micro SD Card Slot-holds the micro SD card.
11.HDMI(High-Definition Multimedia Interface) Port
12.USB Port
13.Lock/Power Button-turns the device on & off with long press,or locks the screen with short press.

Autel MK808TS package List:

1 pc *Autel MK808TS
1 pc *MaxiVCI Mini
1 pc *USB Cable (for test) 
1 pc *USB Cable (for charging) 
1 pc *USB External Power Adapter_test
1 pc *User Manual
1 pc *Quick Reference Guide
1 pc *Carry case

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