AUTOOL BT-660 Car Battery Tester with Built-in Printer BT660 Battery Analyzer for Flooded, AGM, GEL, EFB Detect Bad Battery Cell

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Product specification:

1. One year warranty and lifetime maintenance

2. Application:12V automotive cranking lead acid battery and 12v or 24v car system test

3. Measure Range:






















4. Working Environment Temp:-10℃-50℃
5. Special test clip:Double conductance Kelvin clamp 
6. Housing Material :Acid-resistant ABS plastic
7. Measure Range:30AH-200AH
8. Voltage Measure Range:7-30VDC

(1) Battery Test

   Select the battery test and press OK key to continue:

   Battery Type: select your battery type, usually is “Regular Flooded”

   Input testing standard: the standard which you can see the front of the battery ,such as CCA、BCI、DIN. If you can’t find any info about the standard, you can choose GB standard. Choose GB standards would lead little tolerance.

  Input rated capacity: you can see the starting current standards in front of the battery .Such as BCI/300A.

  Then press OK key to start testing.



For power loss battery (such as a vehicle for a long time on hold, the battery is not charged in time; forget to close the lights, the doors resulting in serious loss of battery electric vehicle and can not be started, etc.), in the actual testing process may also be prompted to "Please replace the battery," for such batteries, please consult the battery manufacturers, and then tested.


(2)Cranking Test 

Starting the engine as prompted, tester will automatically complete the cranking test and display the result. 

Normally, cranking voltage value lower than 9.6V is regarded as abnormal and it is OK if it is higher than 9.6V. 

Test result of the tester includes actual cranking voltage and actual cranking time.

When cranking test is abnormal, battery test result will also be displayed at the same time. 


(3)Charging Test

When enter the charging test, tester will prompt "Loaded testing" 

Note: Do not shut down the engine during the test. All electrical appliance and device are in OFF state. Turn on/off any electrical appliance in the vehicle during the test will affect the accuracy of the test result.

Operate accordingly to increase the engine rotating speed to 2500turns, and keep for 5 seconds. 

Tester starts the charging volt test after increase rev detected.

After the test finished, tester displays the effective charging volts, ripple test result and charging test result. 

Charging Test Result:

1. Charging Volt: Normal. The generator output normal, no problem detected.

2. Charging Volt: Low. Check drive belt of the generator whether slip or running off. Check the connection between generator and battery is normal or not. If both of the drive belt and the connection are in good condition, follow the manufacturer's suggestion to eliminate generator fault.

3. Charging Volt: High. Since most of the vehicle generators are using internal regulator, the generator assembly has to be replaced.(Some old style cars are using external regulator, then directly replace the regulator.) The normal high volt of the voltage regulator is maximum 14.7±0.5V.If charging volt is too high, it will overcharge the battery. Therefore, the battery life will be shortened and troubles will be caused.

4. No Volt Output. No generator volt output is detected. Check the generator connection cable, the drive belt of generator and engine whether normal or not.

5. Diode Test: Through the test of charging current ripple, tester will find out whether the diode is normal or not. When ripple volt is too high, it proves at least one diode is damaged. Check and replace the diode.


(4)Review Data

After entering the forth function, then press OK key you can view the final test result.

(5)Print Data

About Printing function, please contact with customer service.

(6)Export Data

Contact this battery tester to computer with Data Line, you can download the print software from our web at If any questions, please contact us.

1.  Language:

Support Multi-languages :English, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish.

2.  Battery Type: Regular Flooded, AGM Flat Plate, AGM Spiral, GEL, EFG

3.  How to use:
(1). Connect the red test clamp with battery anode and the black one with cathode, the tester will power on automatically. Voltage battery below 7.0VDC can’t be tested properly, then press OK key to continue.

(2). According to the tester, you can press UP/DOWN key to choose: 

     ① Battery Test

     ② Cranking Test

     ③ Charging Test

     ④ Review Data

     ⑤ Print Data

     ⑥ Export Data to Computer


4.  Additional Function:

Press “Menu” to enter additional function: Setting Language and Adjust system time.

Package Included:
1* BT660 Unit;
1* USB Cable;
1* User's Manual;
1* Packing Box