NEW 09.2020 O-D-I-S Service v6.2.0 + Postsetup 60200.103.40 or O-D-I-S Service v7.1.1 O-D-I-S Service v7.2.1

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1, O-D-I-S Service v6.2 support windows 7 64bit / windows 10 64bit system , need 70gb free memory to install and work.

2, O-D-I-S Service v7.1.1 / v7.2.1 support windows 10 64bit system, need 70gb free memory to install and work.

3, Software support V-A-S 5------054 and 6-154 Tool , free help install driver via Teamviewer


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O-D-I-S Service v6.2 + PostSetup v60200.103.40 + V-A-S-50-54 Firmware + Drivers

Year/Release Date: 09.2020

Version: 6.2

O-D-I-S Service (Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service) dealer software for working with V-A-G-group cars (Au-di, V-W, S-eat, Sko-da, Lam-borghini, Ben-t-ley).


O-D-I-S Service is installed on any authorized V-A-G service station, it is a very powerful software product to perform different diagnostic procedures in the following cars: Au-di, V-W, Sko-da, S-eat, Lam-bor-ghini, Ben-tley, Bugatti, TGE since 2017 (use DC-DC adapter).


It is possible to "flash" control units using O-D-I-S Service, but only with official online access to V-A-G servers. Working without this access, you will be available: slave diagnostics, coding, adaptation, run convenient service tests and procedures (with tips at each stage, what and how to do).


The adapter supports all currently available diagnostic protocols, which allows you to access machines 201X release and beyond. The V-AS 50-54A can be connected to a computer via a USB port or via BlueTooth.


V-AS 50-54A O-D-I-S Service allows you to work with the car at the same level with the official dealer of the concern, performing the full range of maintenance work machines: diagnostics, coding, programming, etc.


PostSetup v60200.103.40

Diagnostic data:

Au-di: 2020.09.

S-ko-da: 2020.04

Ben-tley: 2020.02

Bug-atti: 2020.03

Lam-bor-ghi-ni: 2020.03

M-AN: 2020.11

Vo-lk-swa-gen NTF: 2020.11

Vo-ls-wa-gen PKW: 2020.11

Se-at: 2020.10



Supported interface

V-A-S 50-54, V-A-S 50-55, V-A-S 61-54, V-A-S 61-54A, PassThru SAE J2534,CarDAQ-Plus

V-A-S 61-54 (Chinese clone) correct does not work, only original V-A-S 61-54




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